Draftkings Promo Code, Coupons and Tips

Entering promo codes on the DraftKings website is easy. If you want to play fantasy sports and have a promo code, follow these simple steps.
1. Go to the DraftKings website.
2. There is a button that says ‘enter promo code’ under the ‘play now’ button on the website home page. Press the ‘enter promo code’ button.
3. A box will appear asking you to sign up. Enter an email address, password, and the password confirmation.
4. Under the password confirmation there will be a field for the promo code. Enter the promo code there and then enter your country and state.
Merchant Description:
DraftKings.com is a website for playing fantasy sports for cash. It is based in the United States, and they have been in operation since 2012. They use daily leagues for their fantasy baseball and other sports. They have free games and paid entry games, and you can deposit money into your account if you want to. They let you choose to play head to head or in tournaments where you can play against two or more opponents.
How to Play:
Once you have picked your game, you draft your team. This you can do in a matter of minutes. Every athlete has a salary and you are given a fantasy budget of $50000. They then let you pick any athlete up to the budget limit. The website has technology that allows you to watch the games live on your computer or mobile device, including a DKTV channel. As soon as the contest ends, your account is credited with whatever you win. You can choose from a variety of sports on this website.
They offer:
• fantasy football
• fantasy college football
• fantasy basketball
• fantasy college basketball
• fantasy baseball
• fantasy hockey
• fantasy golf.
They have contests from the MLB, the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, the PGA, the SOC, the CFB, and the CBB. They have contests where the entry fee is as low as $0.25. They give you the options of 50/50 games, where the top 50% win. They also have a category of contest called multipliers. Multiplier contests will let you win 3 or 10 times your entry fee. They have a category of contest called guaranteed where they pay out the entire prize pool, whether or not the contest fills. They have qualifier games and beginner games to play in as well. They are committed to paying out $200 million to thousands of winners, and boast that they have the largest weekly cash pools in fantasy sports.
Options For Playing:
On the top right corner of the contest lobby is a promotions button that will let you see their deals. This is right next to the My Contests and My Lineups tabs that lets you track what you are playing. They have a refer-a-friend deal and specific game promotions. If you want to get expert advice, they offer a playbook which includes daily research, recaps, strategy and videos. If you are particularly eager to pick the best players, they have roster analysis videos from a range of contributors.
You can play there all you want, and they have the world’s easiest promo code entry process.

Why go to a verizon fios store, when best deals are online

There is always a decision that needs to be made when someone is shopping for new or replacement products or services. There are basically two viable and top options these days, head in to a store for face to face sales interactions or head online and get great deals that are not bound by sales commissions and sales associated trying to increase their own personal sales goals.

Those who have been thinking about making the change to Verizon FIOS will come to find that there is a bevy of direct mailings, emails and online offers that pop up just about everyday. In fact, many have taken those promotional rates and called local stores only to be told that those truly great offers are only for those who do order their new service online. Many find this to be a bit baffling but it makes sense since online ordering removes the need for paying sales associates and for overhead that comes with running a Verizon FIOS store.

The case is strong to shop solely online for FIOS service as one can truly get better pricing and promotions. In fact, some of the web only sales include many extra channels, features, upgrades and even equipment that may cost if purchased through a traditional sales associate inside of a traditional store. This can translate in to big cost savings and still allow one to get that FIOS service they have been wanting for the better channel lineups and faster speeds.

One of the reasons why online seems to have better pricing and promotions across the board is that is is more national and thus is not relegated to the regional area one is seeking to have service installed. This is a big deal for some areas and can really make a big difference in the outlay of cost upfront and the monthly, recurring charges. The other added benefit of online shopping for Verizon FIOS service is that one also has trusted and well trained associates that can chat or call potential buyers to answer any and all questions that they may have before making a final decision.

In the end the choice is one that is personal in nature as some people just simply like buying things and having such dealings in a face to face manner. however, more and more are finding that there is no real need to travel to and from a Verizon FIOS store when the same services and products can be quickly and easily found and ordered right online and at better prices as well. This is why online FIOS orders continue to grow and face to face sales are becoming fewer and further between as people like the cost and time saving option of online buying and ordering.

How to Find Verizon FIOS Corporate Discounts

One of the easiest ways for consumers to stretch their budget is to save money on the cost of Internet or TV. Deals in the form of Verizon FIOS corporate discounts and other offers can often be found on websites that are promoting their services. Many deals are often available directly from Verizon and can be found on their website. Any new and existing customers can find great discounts by checking to see if there is an employer discount available.

Customers simply need to enter their email address on their online form to determine eligibility. If their email matches information already on file, then the consumer will receive an email with information to use for enjoying Verizon FIOS corporate discounts. Consumers who do not have an email address from their employer will need to provide employment details to be eligible for Verizon FIOS corporate discounts.

The Verizon website also has various FIOS deals that are available at different times of the year. There are often holiday deals that provide consumers with Internet, TV, and phone service. The savings often are significant, but will require a two-year agreement. However, people who may not have access to an Internet connection may need to call customer service to determine eligibility for various offers. Offers that are available may be introductory or for the entire two-yer contract.

Various Verizon FIOS deals and discounted offers can often be found on websites that offer the consumer coupon codes. One site that often has offers available for consumers is retailmenot.com. The offers found on this site may be directly from Verizon or from authorized vendors. More information is available by clicking the “Get Deal” icon that is displayed on the page. Consumers also have the option to leave comments that can help others see if any provided offer will be a good choice.

Another site that has discounts and promotion codes for consumers is the ihatepixels.com site. There is often various offers that consumers can use to save money each month. Promotion codes and offers are typically available for use online or at a local Verizon store. One thing to keep in mind is may deals are often providing a discount or rebate on a tablet when purchasing FIOS service. Another benefit that the consumer will have is knowing the conditions or any special terms that apply. This includes dates that new offers will expire and are no longer be available.

The buttersword.org website is also another option for consumers to find Verizon FIOS deals. Many of the deals take the consumer to the Verizon website. One interesting aspect is many of the deals that are on the Verizon site may be less than the consumer realizes. This is one aspect of online offers that is a good way for a consumer to save money each month.

One thing to keep in mind about in-store coupons for FIOS deals is they will need to be printed and are not for use online. The best way to find in-store coupons is to look in any local newspapers, magazines, and online. If a coupon is found, then the first thing to do is make sure it is not expired. Cut the coupon out of the publication or print it out if a printer is available. However, coupon codes that are found online need to be entered when the consumer is at the Verizon checkout screen.

How To Get A Better Uverse Deal

AT&T is a telecommunications giant; that can now bring you TV service, Internet, Digital Voice, as well as wireless. This is great for those who live in areas where other companies cannot service their telecommunication and television needs. AT&T prides itself on the products they offer, and the new offerings of TV, Internet, and digital Voice are what they call AT&T U-verse. Similar to other companies out there that have different available telecommunication and television services; AT&T is a well-known name, so they tend to draw many more customers than some other companies.

If you’re looking to purchase their U-verse plans, you must decide which services you’re looking for. The wonderful part about AT&T U-verse, is that they bundle packages together, saving you a great deal of money. You can add TV to an Internet plan, Internet with Digital Voice, Digital Voice with TV and several other combinations. When you bundle deals together, you can save a lot of money on your monthly subscription, and you also get extras such as DVR’s, free or discounted installation, and other amazing services. Companies such as AT&T that offer to bundle packages are more popular now, than companies only offering one service such as television.

The best part about choosing AT&T U-verse, is that you’ll save when bundling services, but you can save even more by adding promo codes. AT&T is one of the only companies that has a website dedicated to discounts on their products, but by adding a promo code, you’ll save even more on your AT&T purchases. Those who choose to bundle all three services from AT&T U-verse, will save the most. The TV, Internet, and Digital Voice package is called Triple Play. Triple Play has several features such as a free DVR for life, free access to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide, and $50 in rewards cards.

Unlike other TV services out there, AT&T U-verse only requires a minimum one-year commitment, where many other services require a two-year commitment. The same one-year commitment is required for their other bundles such as Double Play or Double Play plus HBO. The Double Play includes TV and Internet services, a DVR for life, access to AT&T WI-Fi hotspots nationwide, and each plan comes with $50 in rewards cards. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because even with the great savings, promo codes can possibly help you to save even more.

There are several websites that promote the fact that they have AT&T U-verse promo codes or coupon codes that you can use on your purchase. By researching which websites have these codes, you can retrieve them and use them on your AT&T U-verse plans. Once you get the coupon or promo code, go to the AT&T U-verse website. When prompted for a coupon or promo code during your purchase, enter the code that you’ve received to retrieve your discounts on your purchase. Make sure to read the terms of the promo code carefully, because they may not be valid.

Make sure to check the availability dates for the coupon code if there are any, to make sure it can be applied to your purchase. If you’re having problems applying the coupon code, refer to the website where you found it, or you can even call AT&T U-verse directly. When you’re looking to save even more on your U-verse experience, look for a coupon or promo code for additional savings.

Verizon FIOS DSL Speeds – What are they?

To answer the question what are Verizon FIOS speeds it has to be understood that DSL means a digital subscriber line. It is and Internet service which Verizon is offering.
This Internet uses the technology of fiber optics. This technology also allows customers to be able to use their telephone and Internet service at the same time over the same telephone line. It is much faster than dial up. The Verizon FIOS uses fiber optic connections.

However, DSL is made over copper lines.  Verizon has DSL speed packages that went into effect in the month of August in 2013. These packages are presented by the fastness of the download speed and upload speed.

For instance:
0.1 Mbit/s/1.0 Mbits up to 384 kbit/s
The other packages available the speeds are increased. The ranges of speed are offered because Verizon no longer sells the plans as fixed plans anymore. They sell them as offers of speed ranges as above.
Verizon has in place three different ways of service for their Internet.
Lineshare this is a required feature for the Verizon High Speed Internet and is the most widely available service. The next one is LINE-P it is verizon High Speed Internet with third party exchange carrier. This however, is not always available.

The third is known as Naked DSL. It is Verizon High Speed Internet Service without any telephone/voice service. This is popular because many people do not have what are called landlines anymore, especially with the amount of people who have cell phones.
An analysis of Verizons lowest DSL prices is merely introductory for possible a twenty-four month contract. Then when the twenty-four months are over the price can jump to a higher rate. There is an option from Verizon that offers a lifetime option that has a continuous fixed rate.

Then there are also offers from Verizon where they market to households who already have the DSL to upgrade them to new FIOS service which when they are switched eliminates DSL as an option to their household. If asking Verizon, they report a decline in the number of DSL customers. Possibly because they market so aggressively for their FIOS or just because the FIOS may be better with the fiber optics.

They also have great advertising and the low starting price is a catcher. They claim their broadband perform and is great also. Then their marketing tells you that their speed is consistently fast and that it will match your life’s pace.

This company has a great deal of advertising. Before buying always read and do your research. Understand what you are getting and possibly there is a great surprise in store with Verizon FIOS

Verizon FIOS Frequently Asked Questions

Verizon FIOS is a new innovative, bundled internet access service powered specifically through the Verizon mobile company. FIOS comes with exceptional TV, Phone and Internet services. Verizon FIOS prides this access bundle by offering a product guarantee of no cable or copper wiring that may break or bend. FIOS is created and crafted with 100% fiber optic network data and network access that ensure a faster connection for transferring data via Internet, TV and Digital Voice. Most users are not good at being patient with an average Internet download speed of 10.5 Mbps. That’s a decent connection for sending and receiving e-mail and basic online shopping, aside from that it is quite the disappointment. The FiOS Internet SpeedMatchSM, offers matching download and upload speeds with an average of 50/50 Mbps. You can stream movies/videos, upload photos, play games or conduct a video chat.


Do I need a set-top box on every TV?
Answer: Verizon offers an all digital network to satisfy all of you access needs. This grade A network prides itself on the fact that Verizon FiOS TV is the latest in entertainment technology and can metamorphose the way people enjoy their digital experiences. To insure that the customer is benefiting properly from everything the FIOS has to offer, a set-top box (STB) is mandated. Verizon offers many digitized adapters and cable cards that provide limitied functionality options. Customer service representatives are available for further inquiries on expanding functionality and options within your bundle and digital package.

How long does a typical installation of triple play take? And when should I expect a technician to arrive to my home?
Answer: Upon completing your order and purchase, you will be given a specific time frame for a technician to come and install your new service. This could take place somewhere between 8AM and 8PM. Please keep in mind that the times given to you are an estimated time frame and technicians may not arrive at an exact time. A basic FIOS installation of both internet and TV could take an average of 4-6 hours. When your services are installed, a legal adult, the age of 18 will have to be present before a techinician is allowed to work during the installation visit. This also merits an adult confirming decisions on placement of wiring and hardware around the home.

Do I have to adjust my TV wiring for FIOS to work properly?
Answer: No. Verizon will a run a test on your current coaxial cable in your home for the best sought signal strength. In most installation visits, the technicians will be able to enable the existing wiring. The Verizon FIOS TV technician can install new outlets with an extra fee added to the work order and bill.

Is installation free? How many services can be installed for free and how many TV outlets can be installed?
Answer: Installation visits for the Verizon FIOS include connecting up to three or less televisions with existing coaxial ports. It also includes the programming of the remote. There is an extra fee added for more than three connections in one home.

How To Get A Verizon Online Promo Code

Verizon has always been well known for their wireless plans, but much has changed with the company, and they are now known for TV, Digital Voice, Internet, and Wireless. Depending on what type of Verizon service you choose, you can find a promo code online to get a discount on the services you want. If you bundle one service with another, you can save even more money, but adding a promo code, will bring you even more savings. There are many different promo codes available for Verizon services; you must do the research in order to find them.

To begin to find a promo code, you must choose the Verizon service that you want to get a discount on. With the different services that Verizon has, you will want to be specific and pick a plan and package that you want, prior to looking for a promo code. Sometimes you may pick a plan or package, and a promo code will give you a better deal if you upgrade, so you may also benefit from looking for a promo code first. There are many different websites that specialize in promo codes for companies such as Verizon, but you may not be able to find the promo codes directly on the Verizon website.

The Verizon website that you go to, to pick your services, will rarely have promo codes listed, if any at all. There are companies that work with Verizon to get promo codes, and they, in turn, give them to customers. By companies having specialized websites that offer promo codes, it gains them more traffic, more recognition, and eventually more money. This is also great for the consumer, because you can get a free promo code; that ultimately saves you money on your purchase.

There are so many websites offering Verizon Promo codes that it’s not possible to list them all. The best thing to do is to research the product you’re trying to purchase, and look up information about a possible promo code for the service. Once you find the code that suits your needs, click on the code and it should take you to another page, usually the page where you can make your purchase. If you are not brought to make your purchase after clicking on the promo code, you’ll be given a coupon code that you can apply to your purchase.

If you receive a coupon code, it can work just as well as a promo code. Go to the Verizon website, or wherever you’re making your purchase, and when it asks for a promo code or coupon code, enter the code you received. Once you go to checkout, the code should be applied, and a lower cost for your purchase will be seen. You should be able to verify that the promo code was correctly applied. It’s really that simple. The only work you really have to do is to choose from one of the great Verizon services.

Verizon wireless services have the greatest coverages over the entire United States and have the least amount of dropped calls. The featured FiOS services include television, which has over 615 available channels, TV streaming, and over 96,000 on-demand titles. FiOS Internet has speeds up to 50 Mbps for those who need fast internet. Finally, their digital voice has excellent reliability and crystal-clear phone calls. When you’re ready to make your Verizon purchase, find your promo code in order to enjoy your services at a discounted price.

Verizon Phone and Internet Bundles


Are you a Verizon customer? If you aren’t, this might be a good time to switch. Verizon FIOS has got some really cool deals going on. When it comes to television and internet bundles, there’s so much at your doorstep. Let’s take a peak inside some of these deals now.



With the package you get over 200 channels. Plus, you get 40 high-definition channels with it. The deals start out at $54.99. This doesn’t include equipment fees and setup charges, or additional taxes.


You get over 230 channels. 60 channels come in high definition. This bundle begins at $64.99. There are fees and other taxes with setup and installation. Everything is subject to change.


You get over 300 channels with this bundle, plus 60 high definition. Again, this doesn’t include setup fees, taxes and other charges.


You get over 400 channels and over 120 high definition channels. It costs about $90.00 a month.


There are different kinds of internet bundles you can choose from. Here is a small list.


1) Spanish
2) Korean
3) Filipino
4) English

If you want more language choices, call Verizon directly to get additional options.


There are sports packages and bundling with Verizon.

1) NBA bundling
2) ESPN bundling
3) NFL Sunday Pass. There are also additional packages and bundles with the NFL.


When you get the television and internet bundles, you will have your choice of networks and premium channeling.

1) You can get HBO, STARZ, Showtime and Cinemax
2) You can also get additional premium networking. Just talk to representative about where your interests lie.
3) You can also do adult entertainment. Depending on the type of bundling package you choose, the adult entertainment packaging might already be included. If it’s not, you will be able to get a special deal, depending on what is being offered.


1) The bundling will be subject to availability and where you live. After you enter in your zip code, the site can tell you what is available.

2) None of these bundles include the taxes or the setup. You will have to pay extra for those. Check with your local representative on the prices. Check on the service too. Depending on who can give you the better bundling service in your area, your plan might be cheaper.

3) Signing up with DirectTV for the first time, through Verizon, will get you up to $120.00 off. This includes phone and internet.

4) These prices are all subject to change. Depending on which company in Verizon you go with, the prices might be lower.

5) When you bundle with all three, you get high-speed internet, as well as local and nation wide calling. You can also get satellite television.

Verizon FIOS vs Comcast – a comparison

When it comes to FiOS, Comcast and Verizon are two leading competitors which stand out among the rest. FiOS is the newly and innovative bundling of fiber optic systems, which includes internet access, telephone services and broadcast television.

When relatively compared at an abstract angle, Comcast and Verizon FiOS systems may seem nearly identical. A more thorough examination reveals that although both service providers offer over 100+ high definition channels, only Comcast Xfinity provides the most On Demand, streaming television shows and movies both online and on TV. Xfinity from Comcast is the new wave of high power, fully unleashed high definition TV and broadband fiber optic networking.

When it comes down to DVR and video recording, Comcast comes out as the leading provider as they offer twice the recording capability of Verizon FiOS. Verizon’s current FiOS fiber optic network only allows the simultaneous recording of two shows or movies. With Comcast Xfinity, a total of four DVR recordings can take place simultaneously, all while on different networks. Both networks have the feature rich ability to record streaming video in all rooms equipped with FiOS devices.

Although both FiOS based networks offer live broadcasting of sports events, Comcast provides a broader selection of networks to choose from. Aside from sporting events, Comcast Xfinity provides a new exclusive feature which allows the immediate user of the service to use voice activated features. Such exclusive features as show browsing, searching and selection can now be easily accessed via voice controls. Additional voice control features allow the user to experience a more customized experience and even change the channel, all with voice activation.

Another feature which comes into light from Comcast is the ability to perform what is called a Smart Search. With Comcast Xfinity, users can use Smart Search to browse through live TV, recordings on DVR and access On Demand – all from a single location. The feature is currently available in most cities and future development of the feature is underway.

When it comes to internet speeds, both FiOS based companies have immense capabilities. Verizon FiOS has a top Ethernet-based speed of 500 Mbps, while the competition of Comcast cuts in a close lead, running at 505 Mbps. When it comes to in-home Wi-Fi, Comcast continues to lead with an astounding speed of 308 Mbps, while Verizon is stuck under 100 Mbps – running at 88 Mbps, to be precise.

Aside from their differences, both networks continue to deliver 100% of their advertised speed to consumers, even during peak hours. With immense availability and access to the web, internet security and comprehensive protection is a must. Both companies offer and deliver top of the class internet security suites. The security features offered are nearly identical except when it comes to pricing. Comcast offers their comprehensive internet security coverage at no charge. Verizon delivers the same level of internet security, but at an annual rate of $120 per year.

When it comes down to it, the two leaders in FiOS systems are Comcast and Verizon. Both companies deliver the fastest and most reliable fiber optic networking capabilities, although Verizon lacks the same level of integrity and expandability as Comcast.

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orlando travel deals

Popular 2013 Christmas Destinations

orlando travel dealsChristmas of 2013 brought tens of thousands of customers to airports for family vacations, to visit with relatives or take a vacation during the Christmas holiday break. In fact, 2013 in general was a huge travel year with almost one billion traveler taking to the air.

Disney World – Orlando Florida

Disney World has always been a longtime Christmas holiday destination. The Christmas season comes alive in the Magic Kingdom with lights, special shows and a holiday Christmas parade. Thousands of visitors watch while Cinderella’s Castle was the lit up with icicle lights, twinkling lights while favorite Christmas Disney tunes played in the background. Mickey’s Once, Upon A Christmastime Parade is a child favorite with many of the Disney characters marching down Main Street USA.

Christmas in New York

If you love New York, the city that never sleeps, you will love it even more at Christmastime. New York travel deals will have you staying in luxury, shopping til you drop and then seeing the best Broadway has to offer, all in the span of 24 hours! Not to mention the perennial favorite, ice skating under the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center or the Rockettes’ Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall. There is never a shortage of things to see and do in New York, and this is especially so during the holidays.

Check out the complete list of this year’s top holiday destinations and get some ideas of your 2013 holiday travels!